• Booster doses are now approved for those individuals who received the Pfizer shot and if it has been > 6 months since their last dose and if they meet the certain criteria;
  • They also have to fall into either the category of 65 years of age or older or if they reside in a LTCF or if they are > 18 years of age and have chronic metabolic diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, COPD, Obesity, etc.;
  • Other criteria include cancer treatment, organ transplant patients, stem cell transplant patients, immunodeficiency diseases, advanced HIV infection, high-dose corticosteroids and there are many others;
  • Other groups include those that are > 18 years of age that live or work in settings that place them at high risk such as hospitals, LTCFs, grocery stores, prisons, homeless shelters, etc.;
  • These booster doses are strongly recommended but are NOT mandatory; However, to add confusion both the FDA and CDC are stating that those that are 65 years of age or have chronic metabolic diseases or others listed SHOULD get the vaccine;
  • The Pfizer booster dose is the exact same dose as what was administered to those who received the two-dose series;
  • The booster dose does not apply at this time to those who received the Moderna or J&J Vaccine, however, that can change within the next few weeks;
  • It is anticipated that full FDA approval of the Moderna vaccine should come through within the next 2 weeks;
  • Moderna has submitted its booster dose data to the FDA for review with a decision pending within next few weeks; It is also anticipated that the approved booster dose for Moderna will be based as 50% of its original dose however different testing regimens are being explored;
  • J&J has not submitted any data to the FDA on booster doses as of yet;
  • The FDA and CDC are recommending that if you received one brand of COVID Vaccine you should stick with that same brand for a booster dose;
  • When you go for a booster dose you will NOT have to provide proof or documentation that you have a chronic metabolic disease or are immunocompromised but Pharmacists will ask the patient to self-attest that they meet the requirements, however they might ask to see your vaccine card to ensure that they you have received the Pfizer vaccine; Providers may also ask or check to see when your last dose was in Citywide Immunization Registry to ensure that you meet at the very least the 6 month threshold for receiving booster doses;
  • If asked just how long will this booster dose last and will this be it for COVID vaccinations…the answer is we just don’t know at this point in time;
  • Finally…if an individual elects NOT to receive the booster dose are they still considered to be fully vaccinated…the answer is YES!