Faqs: Information About Drug Regimen Reviews

What is a Drug Regimen Review?

A Drug Regimen Review is a comprehensive, federally mandated review that consists of a review of the medication profile, unit inspection, cart inspection in addition to the nursing medication administration record.

Are there any other components to the Drug Regimen Review?

PharmQuest® goes a step beyond other consulting companies by also including a medication pass with every unit inspection. This review ensures that the Nurse is following standards of practice as it relates to medication administration. Another aspect of our unique service is a review of the dispensing pharmacy's activities. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that expired medications are not being dispensed, auxiliary labels are used, appropriateness of dosage form, etc.

How often does a Drug Regimen Review have to be performed in Long-Term-Care facility?

A Drug Regimen Review has to be performed once monthly. Once monthly does not necessarily mean every 30 days and allows the pharmacist some leeway in the scheduling of future reviews.

Must a Pharmacist perform the Drug Regimen Review?

A Registered Pharmacist must perform the medication profile review. However, other professionals such a Nurse may perform the Unit Inspection and Medication Administration Record review.

What is the facility's obligation once a review is performed and a recommendation is made?

The facility / practitioner must address the recommendation. They can agree or disagree with the recommendation, but the recommendation must be answered and addressed. Responses to the recommendations should be filed in the instance they are requested for by the surveyor.

How are the reviews distributed throughout the facility / center?

The reviews are always distributed upon completion of the unit. A master copy is left with the Administrator and department specific copies are left with the individual disciplines (i.e. Nursing, Medicine & Vendor Pharmacy). Customization of the forms as well as how they are distributed are always available at the discretion of the facility / center.