Faqs: One-To-One Consultations

When you or a loved one enters a pharmacy the choices available are vast and very overwhelming. The aisles and shelves are stocked with medications and supplies. You may have asked yourself the following:

Which over-the-counter medication should I select?

Will the over-the-counter medication interact with my prescription medication?

Can I use a generic medication - Will I really save money?
    Are there any differences between brand & generic medications?

Based on my allergy status - Will over-the-counter medication(s) affect me negatively?

My Physician gave me this medication but was too busy to explain it thoroughly -
    I wish
there was someone who could take the time to explain things to me?

My Pharmacist is also very busy and handed me some literature to read about the medication -
    But I don't understand what is written?

Have you every considered scheduling a private consultation with a Consultant Pharmacist?

We will  make the time for you and will explain everything about your medication therapy!

This can be performed as home visit, telephone consultation or e-mail correspondence...the choice is yours.

Fees are reasonable and consultations are based on your schedule.

Please contact us for a free discussion about your medications & our services.