Faqs: QIS Survey Facts

1) Drug Regimen Reviews and responses must be stored in the patient's clinical record

2) Computer software (QIS Data Collection Tool) is used to analyze data collected (Automated Data Driven Survey)

3) Usual Resident sample size is between 70-80 Residents and is not dependant on facility size

4) Consists of 162 Quality of Care & Quality Care Indicators

5) Findings are compared to norms based on national statistics

6) Two staged investigation

7) Stage I consists of Resident, Staff & Family interviews & MDS data

8) Residents must be determined to be interviewable based on the cognitive perfromance scale (CPS)

9) If CPS score is between 1-3 = Resident interviewable

10) If CPS score is between 4 - 7 = Fmily will be interviewed

11) All medications must have an acceptable, rational diagnosis in the Care Plan or Progress Notes

12) Review all diagnosis and ensure that diagnosis is signed off by the MD / GNP at least once every 60 days

13) A medication pass will occur across all three shifts and will comprise at a minimum 10 Residents & 50 medications

14) Surveyors will review the CASPER report to determine whether facility has patterns of repeat deficiencies

15) Stage 1 focuses on the quality of care within the first 6 months for short stay residents:

       Four different areas are looked at: Rehabilitation, Emergent Care, Skin Care & Nutrition

16) Information gathered in Stage 1 is used to determine which care areas will be reviewed in Stage 2

17) Stage 2 involves in-depth investigation of identified care areas using QIS critical pathways